Monday, June 28, 2010

The Name Game

I really got cracking on reading Handmade Marketplace the past few days.  One part that really threw a wrench in my plans was choosing a name for my business.

So a few years back, I made almost all of our family's Christmas gifts.  I ordered some personalized ribbon that said "made by sam" to cut up and use as labels.  Fast forward to earlier this year, when some of Bridget's ballet classmates wanted to buy handmade tutus.  I used the riboon lables for those, which led me to printing business cards that said "made by sam".  I thought it was the perfect name - simple, easy to spell and remember, blah blah blah.

Now back to the naming debacle.  I started to go through the steps recommended in the book.  I checked to see if the name has been registered in my state, checked the website, checked for etsy stores.  The name is available in my state, but unfortunately the website is for a guy making custom corsets and therefore has a scantily clad woman on the home page.  Also, there is already a made by s.a.m. etsy store that looks to be pretty big and pretty successful.

I realized I have to rename my business even though I have a stack of super cute business cards in multiple colors (I ordered on Moo - they are awesome and you can put a different design on every single card).  I hopped right over to and started searching for words related to kids, fun, toys, modern, new... every descriptive word I could imagine.  Nothing seems right. 

In the middle of this, I needed to call Bridget into the room to pick up her toys.  We have called her Bobaloo since she was a little tiny thing, so I shout, "Bobaloo!  Come down here!" and a light goes on.  Bobaloo is a great business name!  It's a nonsense word, so chances are slim someone else is using it, plus I think it has that little kid feeling.

As you can see, I have a little bit of a turquoise and red obsession these days.

I searched around, and it seems to me like this name is pretty much available (except for a few minor hurdles).  I have now reserved a facebook page, an etsy shop (with a slightly different name), a new email address, and this blog with variations on the bobaloo! name.  I'll announce them all as I get them going.

I am also exploring local non-profits that help small businesses get started.  I'll give out the details on those in the future.

Bridget begrudgingly agreed to pose for a picture in the princess tutu over the weekend, so here it is.  I didn't realize until I saw the picture that the tulle looks a little squirrelly in the front - I'll have to even it out.  Now I'm working on a punk-rock inspired tutu with lots of black netting and a super cozy beach blanket/hooded towel combo.

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