Wednesday, May 18, 2011


For a while now, I’ve been debating what to do with my website.  My goal has always been to have a website that incorporates an online shop with a blog, press info, wholesale info, and all that other good stuff all in one place.

I was lucky enough to be chosen to be the subject of the first business workshop over at Ace Department yesterday.  First of all, if you’re a business owner, get over there and sign up – it’s in beta so it’s free right now, and those ladies know their stuff!  The point of the workshop was to discuss where I want to go with my business in regards to my online presence.  I can’t tell you how helpful everyone’s advice was, and now I really feel like I have a concrete plan.

As soon as I can get it together (hopefully in the next two weeks), I’ll be re-launching with a little bit of an overhaul.  I’m planning on making the website a landing spot for customers where they can read the blog, shop, or learn more about my brand all in one place.  Want a sneak preview?  Here ya go:


5 18 11 new website screenshot


So what does this mean for this blog?  I’ll still be writing a blog, but it’s going to be more geared toward my customers instead of other handmade business owners.  I haven’t decided for sure what to do with my existing blog content.  Either I’ll move it over to the new website, but post more customer-related content from now on, or I’ll move it to it’s own blog.

This is one decision I haven’t completely made, so I’d love your input.  I’d be happy to maintain a second blog about the business side of things if there’s enough demand, but my posting schedule would probably be a little lighter (once or twice a week).  What do you guys think?  I learned how useful other people’s points of view can be when making big decisions, so advise away!


  1. Congrats, Sam!  So excited for you.

  2. Yes! I think you are making great steps for your business!

    Personally, I think you should keep things simple and focus on one blog and bring in your current content. You don't want to waste all of this great content that you already created. And even though you want to shift the focus a bit, everything you've written here is still relevant. 

    Thank you so much for mentioning Ace! We love that it is growing into a helpful community. 

  3. Thanks for your input, Rachel! To be honest, keeping one blog appeals to me
    the most because I'm super-busy already. And you guys are doing a great job
    with Ace!

  4. Thanks Jess, and thanks for the help yesterday!

  5. I love the idea of having just one landing page for EVERYTHING. And, as much as I would totally miss your blog posts geared towards other crafty entrepreneurs, I think it makes sense to just keep one that's geared towards your customers (but don't get rid of your old content!) I always say this is one big pot of soup we're making that we're always adding and taking out ingredients from. Can't wait to see the new site! I'll also have to go check out Ace....

  6. The pot of soup analogy is so great, Patty! Thanks for the input!


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