Tuesday, May 3, 2011



First this happened, which was bad:


5 3 11 inside sewing machine


I’m pretty sure that voids my warranty!

Then I had orders from two new stores, which is good!  The hubs, bless him, got my sewing machine back up and running, but I’m a busy mama so you may hear crickets around here this week.  I also have a half marathon to run Saturday that I am in no way, shape, or form ready for, so let’s hope my cousin doesn’t have to carry me across the finish line.

We’ll chat soon!


  1. Oh my this picture makes my heart stop! I was thinking the other day I have NO idea what to do if my machine breaks down, knock on wood.

    Good luck at the half! I'm TRYING to work my way up to a 10K so I'm in total awe of anyone who can run beyond a 5K :-)

  2. I will NOT be running it all by any stretch of the imagination. :) You can
    do a half, it really just sounds intimidating. I'm far from in great shape
    and I do this same half every year.
    The machine breaking down wasn't too horrifying because I saved my old
    machine as a backup. You should keep an eye out for a cheap one at goodwill
    or something to have around - it's like insurance!


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