Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Fancy Woven Labels are Finally Here!

When I first decided to set up shop on Etsy, I knew I needed to order labels for all my goodies.  I think they make everything look more professional, plus the more people see the name bobaloo! the better.  However, my startup capital was probably about $7, so I knew I needed to find the most inexpensive option.  I ordered some labels from Mommie Made It on Etsy (twice, actually – I ran out of the first set pretty fast) and have been perfectly happy with them.

11 30 10 label shipment

However, I knew at some point I’d want to order some super-fancy woven labels like you see in ready-to-wear.  So about a month ago I sucked it up and spent the money on custom woven labels.  And they are AWESOME.

11 30 10 labels in bag

Ladies, meet my labels.  Aren’t they great?  They just came yesterday all the way from Hong Kong.  I ordered from Fancyweaver and they were so fast and helpful.  They have an Etsy shop, too, but the ordering instructions on the website were more clear so that’s where I ordered.  It was super easy.  I designed them in Photoshop, sent Fancyweaver a .jpeg, and they emailed me a proof in a day or so.

11 30 10 label front 11 30 10 label back

They are folded in half, so they’re two sided.  I’m working really hard on being compliant with FTC and CPSIA labeling regulations, so I added some tracking information on the back (at some point I will post about all these confusing label requirements, I promise).  I followed Faye Malone Designs’ advice in this Etsy post for the back.  The line of letters and numbers at the bottom is a code for the date of manufacture – the years at either end, plus the first initial of each month.  I’m marking a little dot on the appropriate year and month for each item.  Also, I changed the little blurb under my logo to “cool stuff for cool kids” instead of my Etsy shop url since I’m selling in more places now.

11 30 10 old label on burp cloth 11 30 10 label on burp cloth

I’ve only used them on a couple of items so far.  They are just sewn into a seam instead of stitched on all four sides like the old ones so they save me time.  And they are actually cheaper than my old ones – about $80 for 600 of them.  The only drawback is how long they take to arrive (patience is not a virtue I possess).

What are you guys doing for labeling?  I’ve seen some DIY label tutorials out there, but I’ve never tried that method.  I’m probably going to need to add another label to cover all those children’s product labeling requirements, so I’d love to hear ideas!


  1. i love those! the look is super professional. good job. you wanna design our labels? maybe a little bartering in the future?? we cannot commit to a design and we REALLY need labels. just a thought. $80 for 600!!! thats crazy cheap. coongrats.

  2. Hannah, I'd be happy to help with your labels - you don't even have to bribe me. :) Email me some stuff you like and I'll help as much as I can. I am not a pro but I love me some fonts and photoshop.

  3. they turned out great! I just opened an etsy shop, full of vintage stuff. I love thrifting so now I maybe can justify my addiction! We will see...

  4. I think every Etsy shop owner is trying to justify some addiction, Emily. :) Can you tell it's fabric for me?

  5. I think they look nice :-)
    Normally I use the company www.labelyourself.com
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    Kind Regards
    Emma Burton

  6. Congratulations on having your fancy woven at last. Your labels are so cute. I love the color that you choose. It is so attractive. I wish I can buy one of your products.

  7. Bobaloo! sounds cute and adorable. And your logo design makes it even more delightful. I wish I can buy one. I love that blue hanky with a pretty mushroom. =)


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