Friday, December 10, 2010

What’s on This Santa’s Handmade Gift List

I mentioned earlier this week that I really want to show you guys what handmade gifts I’m planning on making.  I figured I can share a few without specifying who they’re for and hope most of my family doesn’t read this blog post.  I have almost finished up the business sewing, so next week is going to be a mad frenzy to finish the gifts!

12 10 10 sublime stitching

I’m going to embroider some tea towels using patterns from The Sublime Stitching Craft Pad, which I bought YEARS ago.  I love love love Jenny Hart’s embroidery!  There are some awesome Parisian patterns (plus a unicorn on roller skates!) that I think I may use.

12 10 10 gathered scarf

I’m using this tutorial from Hope Studios and some pink striped knit to make a couple of ruffled scarves.  I’m excited about this one – I think it’s going to be a super quick, super cute project.

12 10 10 trash bag 

A couple of years ago I made a trash bag to hang in my car.  I fused together a couple layers of Target plastic bags (how-to here), used them as a liner for some home dec fabric, and added a webbing strap with a snap.  It hooks around the headrest of the passenger seat.  My husband has been whining since I made it that he wants one for his car.  Guess who this is going to?

12 10 10 laptop sleeve

I’m going to use this tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew! to make a laptop sleeve.  I have some super awesome turquoise and orange home dec weight fabric that will be PERFECT.  I think I’m going to do a velcro closure and sew on a vintage button from my stash.

12 10 10 gathered clutch

I’m making a couple of these ADORABLE gathered clutches (tutorial here from Noodlehead).  I’m for sure going to take one to my wonderful stylist Claire, who has finally tamed my unruly hair and will forever have my gratitude.  Little does she know I’m bringing her my daughter tomorrow, who was cursed blessed with the same head of hair.

12 10 10 fabric clothespins

I think these fabric covered clothespins from Prudent Baby are going to be my gift tags this year.  I’m probably going to wrap gifts with butcher paper and tie on some red and white twine (which I just ordered here), so I think these little clothespins will look sooooo cute.

12 10 10 doll bedding 

Word on the street is the bobaloo is getting an American Girl doll for Christmas.  This has been top on her list (“I want a ‘merican girl doll with purple stuff and a pink sewing machine and fabric and a sign for my room that says no cats”) so I’m pretty stoked for her.  I made the pillows and quilt using this tutorial from From an Igloo and they turned out awesome (those little pillowcases!  couldn’t you just die?!).  I’m trying to talk the hubs into making the bed from Ana White, but we’ll see.

Our biggest project right now is for the kids – we’re refinishing a play kitchen.  It’s one from B’s preschool, so it’s super sturdy, but it’s got years of kids banging on it under its belt.  When this is done I’m for sure sharing pictures because it’s turning out AWESOME.  Is it wrong to be disappointed that Santa’s getting all the credit for this one?

What are you guys making?


  1. SAM! super cute ideas! i love that noodlehead clutch(made a few myself)and i just made a laptop case. i just bought a crapload of decorative paper from our favorite art store here in stl and i also saw a tute on paper covered mini paperclips. so excited to make those! emily and i really need to pin down a date for a craft-fest for xmas gifts. needs to happen pretty soon. times a tickin'! :)

  2. You guys need to be local 'cause we could have one heck of an xmas-gift-making-party! I can't wait to make that clutch - I haven't tried it yet so I'm glad it turned out well for you. And you're so right about it creeping up fast. TWO WEEKS from tomorrow, holy crap!!

  3. Love the fabric covered clothes pins, I might just have to borrow that idea. I'm making pillowcases appliqued with "LO" on one and "VE" on the other. I've also made a few reusable sandwich bags that I'm using as little cosmetic bags as gifts for my nieces.

  4. I made a few of those sandwich bags recently, too! I'm trying to get used to using them for bobaloo's lunch, but I'm not the best at keeping up with laundry and I'd have to make twenty of them to make up for them always sitting in the hamper!

  5. Ah yes a number of people on my gift list are also receiving ruffled scarves! You're right - they're super quick, easy and cute.


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