Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A busy week ahead

I am realizing how difficult it is to fit starting a business into the rest of my life.  This week I have Bridget's birthday party, Craft Night, and the due date for my State Fair entries.  Plus, since I am not the most on-top-of-things housekeeper, I have to clean my house (yesterday's Groupon was $50 for a whole-house cleaning - I was sooooo tempted to buy it).  How do I fit in business stuff? 

I'm trying really hard to make the most effective use of my time.  The kids nap at the same time in the afternoon, so I try to get to work in my sewing room the minute they go down for their naps.  I usually can squeeze in an hour or so in the morning while they're happily playing to check my email and work on this blog.  Bridget is also happy to do a craft or color while I cut fabric in the kitchen.  It's definitely a juggling act, but I'm getting better!

So in the midst of planning for all these events this week, I did get a few things done.  I made up a few reusable lunch bags made from cotton and lined with fleece for insulation.  It's a pretty quick project, so I'm considering selling these in pairs since they'll be pretty inexpensive.  They're nicer than brown paper bags, but a mom isn't going to be devastated if her kid loses one at school.

I also cut out some cute girl's painter's smocks.  These were about to get sewn together (which is a bit of a challenge - you can't pin vinyl together before sewing since it leaves holes) when I decided B needs a fancy Sleeping Beauty dress for her party.  Wait until you see this dress!

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