Friday, July 9, 2010

Goodies in the mail!

I've been patiently waiting for some goodies I ordered last week to finally arrive in the mail (I know, I know, it's been one whole week).  But hooray!!  Two fun things in the mail today!

These are my new business cards from and my sew-in labels from Mommie Made It.  The labels are great, even better than I expected.  I decided for my first batch of labels to go with printed labels instead of woven for two reasons.  One, they're about a billion times cheaper and two, I could get them in a week.  My only problem is I didn't leave room at the top to stitch them into a seam, so I'm going to have to sew each one on separately.  Not a big deal, but next time I'll design them with some room at the top.  I may also spring for the folded woven ones after I go through these.

That cool little pink thing is a keychain business card holder.  My cards are the mini cards, so they're half the size of regular cards (think of them as a business card cut in half the long way).  I ordered the same type of cards with the "made by sam" logo before I realized the error of my naming ways and I always got lots of compliments on them.  I think they're unique, which hopefully translates into people remembering bobaloo! and wanting to check out my shop.

On the subject of Etsy shops, I've kind of had a change in my vision of Etsy and what my Etsy shop in particular is to me.  I've been listening to the craft business podcasts on CraftyPod while I sew lately and I'm learning a TON about the craft market.  One podcast in particular featuring Megan Auman from Crafting an MBA really hit home with me.  Basically, I'm starting to feel more like Etsy should be more of an online portfolio for my work - somewhere for people who I've spoken to in person go to check out more of my products and maybe buy a few things.  I've got to do some thinking on this subject as one of my business goals included a certain number of Etsy sales.  If you have time, listen to the podcast because it's really good.  Oh, and listen to the one with Rachel Klein from One Pretty Thing - the girl subscribes to FOUR THOUSAND blogs!

I'm hoping to whip up a quick gift for my little sister in the morning.  She's going to a boarding school at a college not far away, so she'll be living in a dorm room.  I think I may pick up some towels and add some fancy fabric to the ends.  I might even put her name on them - it's nice and short so I think I can pull it off in the couple hours I have before her "dorm shower".  Have a great weekend!

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