Thursday, February 10, 2011

Craft Show Recap: Hand Made Market at Little Green Bean Boutique

Last month, Heather from the Little Green Bean Boutique contacted about participating in a craft show to benefit the Warm Heart Warm Home Foundation at her shop and I signed right up.  This frigid weather has made me very thankful for our nice warm house so it’s great to be able to help those that are not so fortunate.

2 10 11 hand made market bobaloo! 2

The show was last Friday and Saturday during the lunchtime hours.  Like most of you, Indianapolis got hit with a whopper of a storm last week.  Indianapolis Public Schools were closed for four days (and they NEVER close).  Then, on Saturday, we got an out-of-the-blue downfall of snow in the morning!  Despite the crummy weather, a good number of hardy souls came out to shop.

The Little Green Bean Boutique is right next to a nice open area that serves as a community space, so most of us set up shop in there.  I brought my cool clothesline display from a few months back but I forgot the clamps to hook it to the table (not enough coffee).  Luckily my inventory is not back up to pre-Christmas levels so I had less than normal to display.

2 10 11 hand made market bobaloo! 1

I was next to some buddies (like Martha from Sunday Afternoon Housewife and Shan and Jarod from Green Illuminations) and met some new people too.  You should definitely go check out Sweet Revenge Lingerie – I WANT those striped jammies!

Truthfully, the best part about the show was getting out of the house after being iced in for a week.  My husband referred to it as a grown-up playdate, which is pretty accurate.  Plus, we got to raise money for a good cause – all of the vendors donated 10% to the Foundation and Citizen’s Gas matched that total.

What did you guys do in last week’s winter weather?  Did you indulge in some retail therapy?

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