Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Fave Online Fabric Sources


I pretty much exclusively buy my fabric online.  I use mostly quilting cottons, and living in the land of chain stores, there just aren’t a lot of local sources.  Plus it is so much easier for me to order fabric online than to pack up two kids with sufficient store-safe entertainment and make it to a fabric store and back. My UPS guy even knows not to ring the doorbell during naptime (I know you feel me, Hannah).


4 14 11 online fabric sources fabric com


My first recommendation comes with a bit of a warning – their customer service can be a little lacking, and don’t count on everything you order actually being in stock.  But really does have some great sales and you can score some serious deals, like quilting cotton for $4 a yard.  I would recommend signing up for their emails.  There are a lot, but their super-cheap fabrics go fast and you’ll want to shop quickly.


4 14 11 online fabric sources quilt home


Next up is Quilt Home.  I admit, the website is a little confusing, but there are also cheap fabrics to be found here.  On the right side of the home page are links to both a coupon code and the sale section – pretty often I can find fabrics in the sale section that I can use the coupon on.  They also send coupon emails weekly, so it’s another email worth clogging up your inbox with.


4 14 11 online fabric sources fat quarter shop


Fat Quarter Shop is great for current, beautiful fabrics.  I usually turn here when I need something specific and haven’t been able to find it in my bargain sources.  They also have an extensive sale section that is totally worth perusing.  I confess, as a branding nerd, I am drawn to this website because it’s so pretty and clean.


4 14 11 online fabric sources above all fabric


I just recently ordered from Above All Fabric, and I was so happy with her customer service and her gorgeous fabric choices.  Since I’ve started my own business, I’ve realized supporting smaller businesses is often worth paying just a tiny bit more.  And Melanie’s fabric is by no means expensive – she also has a great sale section (which, as you can see, is important to me) and a rewards program for frequent shoppers.


4 14 11 online fabric sources fabric shoppe


I occasionally order from Etsy, too, especially when I need something extra-special.  I love ordering from the Fabric Shoppe.  As an added bonus, if you follow Jody on twitter (she’s @fabricshoppe) she announces great deals to the first one who nabs them.


I do frequent my local Jo-Ann Fabrics, especially for basics like terry cloth (I finally started buying it by the bolt with a 50% off coupon) and fleece.  I also buy notions there, including velcro and thread (I’m a thread snob and only use Gutermann) because it often goes on sale for cheaper than I can buy online.


4 14 11 online fabric sources true up


One last tip – if you haven’t started following True Up, what are you waiting for?  The weekly sale posts are worth their weight in fabric!


Any good sources you’d like to share with the class?  I love a good bargain!


  1. Thanks for listing all these! I had been sticking to but will try some of the other places too!

  2. Oooh there are some great new finds here! Didn't know about Fabric Shoppe and Above All Fabric. Thanks!!

  3. Those two are so great - those girls have great taste in fabric!

  4. saaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmm...the last thing i need is more fabric websites!!! ahhhh. but i will check them out! ;)
    (thanks for the shout out)

  5. YES! This post couldn't have come at a better time...I've always been SO hesitant to buy fabric online, but now you've inspired me! AND I was just about to run all over town buying tons of new fabric! :) LOVE THIS!

  6. Oh girl, you'll be hooked on buying fabric online now! There's not much
    better than a big box of fabric arriving on your doorstep!

  7. well, if you're going to buy fabric you might as well get a good deal,
    right? Just call me your enabler! :)


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