Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Craft Show Recap: Handmade Promenade at Record Store Day


Saturday was a cold and rainy day, that’s for sure, but there really was a great turnout for Record Store DayMartha does a great job picking out locations for her shows and this one was no exception.




The hubs was trying to be extra helpful Friday night and loaded up the car for me.  He specifically told me he had the tables and the tent packed already.  Once I had my car unloaded, I discovered I had no tent top and only one of three of my tables.  Lesson learned – double check your car, even if your husband is as wonderful as mine.

Also, even though I remembered my camera and my fancy flash, I forgot my memory card (again).  Sorry about the cell phone pictures.




After the kids and Kenny dropped off my missing stuff, I rushed to get everything out on the tables (and had a sale before I was even set up!).  You can see my new displays in these pictures, but since I was so rushed I didn’t get to try out the chalkboard paint signs, boo.

There was pretty much steady traffic all day, and I had Shan & Jarod and Misty to keep things entertaining between shoppers.  It did drizzle off and on all day but Martha rigged up a rain catcher between our tents and everything stayed nice and dry.




I really liked the DJs, too – the music was just the right volume and both guys played some great songs.  We were set up in a U-shape, circling-up-the-wagons style, and it was like we had our own little tent village next to Luna Music.  My only complaint was that a few shoppers felt like smoking in covered tents filled with merchandise was perfectly acceptable behavior, whereas I feel otherwise.

If you’re local, don’t miss the Handmade Promenade shows because they really are great both as a shopper and a vendor.  I have to miss selling at the next one because I’ll be hobbling through a half-marathon early the next morning, but I’ll be stopping by to shop!

Craft show season has begun - have you guys been to or sold at any good ones yet?  And how are we feeling about my very white new displays?  Too plain?  I’m planning on adding more chalkboard paint to some of them (like the crayon apron display) to write prices on, but I’d love some feedback!


  1. I don'y know, the white doesn't take away fom your colorful bibs & aprons! PS I love your new header!

  2. I'm glad you said that, Erica - that was my plan. I figure I use some pretty
    loud fabrics so solid white doesn't compete, but I wanted to make sure it
    isn't too boring!

    And thanks for the header love! For some reason I can't get it quite right
    - the picture of the fabric looks so fuzzy, even though it looks crisp and
    clear in photoshop. I have to figure out how to fix it at some point!

  3. congrats on another show under your belt! i wish i would have done the earthday festival with emily. she had a booth set up for her woodcuts! there was a huge turnout at the festival. 25,000...thats alot of peeps. maybe next year. :)

  4. Great set up. I stopped through for a bit, you may have seen me, I was the girl with the grey yarn beard. lol

  5. I didn't see you - I would've remembered a yarn beard! :) Thanks for
    stopping by!

  6. My little girl LOVES the bean bags she bought from you on this day!

  7. oh, I'm so happy! my kids end up playing with beanbags a lot too - it's
    amazing how many ways there are to play with them!


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