Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Excused Absence

I tell you what, last week was a hectic one.  We had one ER trip (the little guy, he’s fine) one big dentist trip for me (me, and now I have a broken temporary crown and an infected tooth – is that TMI?), and one bored kiddo (the original Bobaloo, home for spring break).  I kind of dropped of the face of the internet for a while. 



4 5 11 bolts of fabric



I’ve finally been putting all that brand new fabric to work!  I ended with one bolt less than I thought (the blue and orange polka dot one is out of print), but it still feels like a HUGE amount of fabric.  I love it.



4 5 11 pink polka dot bias tape



The pink polka dot fabric makes just the cutest bias tape.  Speaking of, I switched around how I make bias tape this time and it was so much faster.  I usually use the continuous strip method, but this time I cut my bias strips first like this, then serged them end to end.  The serger is so fast, plus the seams didn’t get bound up in my bias tape maker like they usually do.



4 5 11 blue dot apron detail 4 5 11 paisley apron



I’m on an apron streak right now.  I just finished up a custom Crayon Apron for an adult who wanted one for her face painting brushes (there’s a picture on the bobaloo! Facebook page) and now I’m working on new ones for the Irvington Iris Tea Room.  Doesn’t that pink polka dot bias tape look adorable?


I’ve got our Craft-Night-turned-Sewing-Night at my house tonight and a meeting of the Uncommon Craft Society of Indianapolis tomorrow night, then it’s time to get to work on products for Record Store Day on the 16th.  What have you guys been up to?  I’ve missed you!


  1. Those aprons are darling! I'm kinda been MIA too with my blog since I've been trying to add more inventory to my shop. It's hard to juggle it all sometimes!

  2. Amen, sister, amen! I finally learned to not beat myself up about it - I'm
    pretty sure no one will be upset with me if I miss a post or two. :)

  3. Welcome Back!! That apron is adorable. Take care of that tooth! There's nothing worse than a tooth infection.

  4. That's the truth, Patty - who knew one tooth could hurt so bad? I've got
    loads of antibiotics so it's much better already!

  5. super cute aprons!! my sewing studio is a MESS! em and i did inventory yesterday...NEVER want to do that again. ever. but it does feel good to take care of business! and i filed the business name with the state yesterday and we met with our web designer! i think the launch date should be the 22nd! YAY. i told em i felt like we were med students who just took our LSATS and were full time moms too with all the learning we had going on yesterday! sheesh.
    well, the aprons are adorable, and you really have me wanting to go and sign up for wholesale fabric account...i think inventory would be much easier that way. keep up the awesome work sam!

  6. Do you inventory all of your fabric? That would take me YEARS! I just keep
    track of finished stuff, which is a big enough hassle.

    I am DYING to see that website!

  7. What gorgeous aprons! You are right, the pink polka dot bias tape is where it's at!! (Thanks again for joining Ace.)

  8. I don't know how you're keeping track of your fabric, if at all...but I saw this app and thought you might be interested:


    I'm sure there are several others out there too.

  9. I don't keep track of my fabric, but it probably wouldn't be a bad idea -
    I'll check this out!


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