Wednesday, March 9, 2011


My husband’s been off work since last Wednesday and isn’t going back until Monday.  While I love the man dearly, having him home has COMPLETELY thrown off my schedule!  Luckily he’s feeling better now and has returned to being Super Dad, so I’ve conquered a ton of projects that have been lurking around.


I took a short break from the to-do list to make a bunch of beanbags, which are for some unknown reason one of my favorite things to make.  I’m not sure if they’ll go up in the Etsy shop this time because shipping always ends up being kinda high since they’re heavy.  I’ll probably take a few over to the Little Green Bean Boutique and the rest will come with me to this year’s shows.

changing pad pink and orange martini

The unfinished project I gave you a sneak peak of a while back is a sweet Changing Pad Clutch that I made for a very special celebration over at Emily’s blog, DesignHer MommaCasey, a good friend of Emily’s, is a fellow Indy blogger who is expecting her second kiddo after a loooong wait.  Emily is throwing her one heck of a baby shower and the Changing Pad Clutch was my contribution.


What does this have to do with you, you ask?  Part of the baby shower celebration is giveaways galore!  Head on over to Emily’s blog to enter the $20 bobaloo! giveaway so you can buy yourself something pretty from my Etsy shop.  And tell Emily I said hi!

Hopefully this week I continue to destroy my need-to-sew list and build up some more inventory.  This Saturday will be fun because I get to meet my first blogging buddies IN PERSON – can’t wait to see you girls!

What are you all up to?  Being lazy, enjoying the (slightly) warmer weather, knocking out that to do list?  Motivate me to keep working!


  1. Oh I hear you. When hubby is sick I get nothing done!
    These are so much fun! I looove the bean bag prints!

  2. It's crazy, right? It seems like since he's home I should be able to get
    everything done, but it just makes me scatter brained!

  3. Love your stuff!
    I hear ya. My husband teaches so I have that feeling ALL summer ;) Love him to pieces but can't get anything done! hehe

  4. I think part of the problem is the kids just want to play with him, so
    they're crazy, which in turn makes me crazy and non-productive!

  5. Your bean bags turned out adorable! I also love your changing pad clutch- I've been making a couple lately. Also, I just now realized you are from Indy! I lived/worked there for a couple years after college and before I got married! It's my favorite place ( of the places I've lived!).

  6. Thanks! We really like Indy - it's not too big, and (most of the time) not
    too small.

  7. YAY!! so excited to meet you too! this is too funny, because my "hubby" has been home all week as well, and i have found myself being quite the "lazy" one. my studio misses me. but i think im gonna get off this computer and go in there now!! see you sat. fb message me with your number so we can call you saturday! :)

  8. Excited to get some of the bean bags & now that I've seen the clutch I think we must have that too!!! I don't think there is anything you make that we don't love selling here!

  9. I just cut out a HUGE stack of the Changing Pad Clutches so I'll bring you
    some next time I'm there!


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