Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stats Tracking with Free Downloadable Spreadsheet!

This past Monday the subject of the weekly Crafterminds chat was stats.  There are a lot of schools of thought on stats – follow them closely, don’t look at them at all, look at them occasionally… it seems like everyone has a different view on the subject.

I will admit to checking my shop stats more often than really necessary (darn you, Craftopolis!).  Blogger also makes it entirely too easy to view blog stats, so maybe I swing on over to that Stats tab here and there.  But I promise, the serious number crunching only happens once a month!

I made an Excel spreadsheet a few months back to keep track of all of those numbers generated by running your own online business and blog, including blog stats, social networking numbers, and the fees and views associated with selling online and at fairs.  After that chat on Monday I thought maybe I should just share it with you guys!

3 17 11 bobaloo stats tracking pg 1 

There are 3 pages with a different set of numbers on each.  The first page is information on sales and fees.  I’ve set this page up with a section for two separate online shops (I have an abandoned Cargoh shop, which is another blog post) plus a general craft shows section.  The purpose of this page is to see what percentage of your sales is being spent on fees (there’s a formula already in the spreadsheet to calculate the percentage).

3 17 11 bobaloo stats tracking pg 2

The second page tracks shop views, visits, and item information, again for two separate shops.  I get most of this info from Google Analytics.  I also have a formula in there to track the average views per item.

3 17 11 bobaloo stats tracking pg 3

The last page is mostly social networking stats, plus a column for newsletter subscribers.  No formulas here, just a bunch of good ol’ numbers that I gather from a bunch of sources, including Google Analytics, my Facebook page, and Mail Chimp

I’ve filled in six months of stats with some made-up numbers so you can see how everything works.  Also, there’s space on each page to make notes on events that may have affected stats, like a giveaway or a bad craft fair. 

Want to try it out?  Download it here!

3 17 11 bobaloo stats tracking download icon

Make sure you come on back and let me know if you like it!


  1. Hey thanks for this great worksheet! What do you find is the easiest way to keep track of the average number of items you have on a shop? Seems like it would be helpful to know, just having a tough time tracking it down.

  2. I keep track of the number of items I currently have in the shop using a
    spreadsheet I bought on Etsy, but I haven't tracked the average number of
    items before. I think I pretty much hover around 50 - I get a little
    nervous if it drops below that, but I can't seem to keep it much over that!


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