Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Sweet New Bag + That Awesome Blanket

Last week I took a break from the stock-the-inventory-closet sewing and made myself this sweet new bag!

3 29 11 abby bag

The pattern is from V and Co. and is super simple and fun to make.  There aren’t even pattern pieces – you just cut it all out with your rotary cutter and it sews up in no time!

3 29 11 abby bag detail

This is a serious bag, not a dainty purse.  On Sunday it happily held my usual purse stuff, two kiddo jackets, an American Girl doll, a folder full of paper, my big camera, and a box of Rice Krispie treats (it was a party, what can I say?).  It’s that handy size for when your kids are too old to require a diaper bag but you still end up hauling around half your house.

You should also head on over to Vanessa’s blog – it’s full of fun sewing projects and loads of inspiration.  It’s definitely one of my faves.

3 29 11 chenille blanket preparation

I’m not the only one getting something new around here.  Remember the awesome chenille blanket I mentioned in last weekend’s Weekend Links?  I started one for the little guy!  Poor thing – being a second child to a busy mom means he hardly has any handmade stuff, so I’m excited to finish this up for him.

3 29 11 chenille blanket stitching

I’m following the tutorial from Aesthetic Nest that was linked to on Living With Punks.  So far it’s going surprisingly quickly given that I’m not a great quilter and it is A LOT of quilting.  You better believe I’ll be showing pictures of this one when it’s done.

What are you guys up to?  Any new fun projects?  Want to tempt me with another project for myself?


  1. wow that bag came out gorgeous!! I'm tempted to make one for my friend who just had a baby but also has a 3 year old - seems like it'd be a good compromise.

  2. You should totally make one - I would have loved one when Graham was a
    baby. Heck, she can probably carry the baby IN it!


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