Friday, August 27, 2010

Craft Night and My Etsy Shop

Craft Night was Wednesday night and we made cute little headbands inspired by this headband by Ann Taylor plus another beaded one that has disappeared from their website.  They turned out so cute!  I'm debating posting a tutorial next week on both, so if you want to make your own, let me know and I'll work on it.  But watch out - if you make a cute one, Julie will try to steal it. :)

The flower ones are made from either a cut-up t-shirt (like Hillary's sweet IU one below) or some fake silk fabric from JoAnn's like mine above.  They were fun and easy - I think everyone ended up making at least two.  So far, we've just been making accessories at Craft Night, so next month I think we're going to branch out to some home decor. 


I started uploading stuff to the shop!  It takes a while, but I'm getting quicker, and I think it will just get easier.  I'm thinking I can kind of re-use descriptions, just making a few tweaks for each listing, and the picture-taking won't be such a debacle in the future.

Setting up shipping policies was such an ordeal.  I followed the advice from this post for international shipping and just used the USPS site for domestic shipping rates.  I had planned on just using Priority Mail, but I realized it is NOT cost effective for small items.  I can save my customers a lot of money by shipping smaller stuff via First Class Mail, but it does require a trip to the Post Office.  I figure it's not set in stone and if my shipping rates don't work out I can change them.

By the way, does free shipping on additional items make you more likely to purchase more stuff?  I'm throwing around the idea of offering free domestic shipping on additional items but I'm wondering if it's worthwhile.

I'm offering a special deal in the shop to Facebook Fans and blog followers for the Grand Opening next week, so stay tuned.  You can Like bobaloo! on Facebook or follow the blog right there on the left sidebar!


  1. I wore one of mine last night...thinking I need to make a few more :)

  2. I'm going to wear one of mine for Graham's party tomorrow. That way I don't have to do my hair. :)

  3. I wore one of mine last night...thinking I need to make a few more :)


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