Monday, August 9, 2010

Holy cuteness, batman!

There are few things that are more adorable than baby shoes (except maybe baby feet).  The whole time I was making these little baby shoes I kept stopping and thinking, "These are so stinking cute!" 

I made one pair and then immediately decided I needed to make four more.  They have little crossover straps that close with velcro, so I'm pretty sure they will actually stay on chubby little baby feet.  I tried to squeeze a pair on Graham, but alas, he is 11 months old and no longer has newborn-sized feet.

This week I finally made my blog and Facebook page known to the world, so hi friends and family!  It feels like an important business step to announce to everyone I know that I'm starting a little business.  I waited a little while to start making everything public because I wanted to put forth a good first impression.  I read in Handmade Marketplace to blog for a month before telling anyone, and I'm really happy I followed that advice because I feel much more comfortable with the whole process than I did at first. 

I'm planning on posting a tutorial this week for one of my favorite baby shower gifts - homemade fancy burp cloths.  Don't worry, I'll be stocking them in my shop if you're not up for sewing some yourself (even though I know you can do it)!

And a big THANK YOU to all my new blog readers!  You guys rock!

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