Friday, August 6, 2010

Two steps forward, two steps back

I am diligently keeping to my two-a-day production rule, despite a not-so-great Thursday.  Little Man is having some napping issues since we took his beloved pacifier away, so I got a VERY short 30 minutes of sewing time Thursday.  I did make a pencil case that looked a lot better in my mind than in practice - disappointment #1 for Thursday.  I had another art-related idea - a fabric portfolio-type-thing that holds colored pencils in one side and a sketchbook in the other, then closes up with a snap.  Here's what I ended up with.

Pretty cute, right?  Well, unfortunately all those little individual pockets for the pencils are just a hair too small, so the fabric gets all bunchy and a kid would tear it in no time flat.  Thursday disappointment #2.  Boo.  So technically I made two products, but two non-functioning products.  I can't be too disappointed because Wednesday was a success with these adorable fabric flags.  I was thinking they were called pennants, but it seems the correct term is bunting.  I'm going to see what's in my fabric stash and hopefully make a few in some more boyish colors.  They'd look adorable in a nursery.

Speaking of boys, there is a definite lack of boy-focused handmade stuff out there.  Hopefully as Little Man gets bigger he'll be a bigger inspiration so I can tap into that market.  Right now he just likes to push stereo buttons and try to eat his sister's snacks, neither of which translate into any sort of handmade product.

Today I'm going to have another go at that portfolio and hopefully find some hand stitching to do so I can watch So You Think You Can Dance.  Thank goodness for DVR - I don't know what I would do if I had to pick between SYTYCD and Project Runway!

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