Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Like a machine

Early last week I had set a goal to finish 15 inventory items by the 31st, thinking that meant Friday.  Friday night I wasn't quite finished... then realized SATURDAY was the 31st.  So I made my goal and then some - a total of 20.  Holla!
  • 2 cute little roll-up changing pads
  • 5 stuffed bunnies
  • 1 painter's smock
  • 2 flower necklaces
  • 10 dahlia pins

The necklaces and the dahlia pins were for my first batch of product for the Irvington Iris Tea Room.  I don't think I've mentioned it before, but the products Miranda's carrying are kind of a departure from my planned line.  Both the necklaces and the pins are for adults, and I'm planning on bringing her some vintage-fabric aprons to sell as well.  Here's the store display that my awesome hubby built for me:

It's is a piece of stained birch plywood with dowels to hang product on and my logo Mod Podged to the top.  We put it together with materials we already had (except for the piece of dowel rod).  I am trying really hard not to spend very much money until I'm making money, which might actually be a good thing.  It's making me very creative and I'm certainly making use of what I've got on hand.

I'm pretty happy with my level of production last week, so my goal this week is two items a day.  I'm doing well already - four sweet crayon toolbelts are happily resting in my inventory closet - but it is only Tuesday.  This is a slow week at home, so I can keep up as long as I don't just sit around and daydream about State Fair food!

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