Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Favorite iPad Apps

As I mentioned before, my super-amazing husband who spoils me rotten bought me an iPad for Christmas (sorry ladies, he doesn’t have any brothers).  I’m relatively new to the App Store but I thought I’d share the apps that have earned a spot on my main screen.

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Todo.  This great app organizes all my to-do lists, both for business and home.  Each item can even have sub-lists, which is great for things like blog posts, which involve writing, picture editing, and searching for sources.  I even keep track of my short- and long-term business goals on Todo.

Calendar (this one came pre-installed).  This syncs with Google Calendar, which I use on my laptop at home (both also sync with my phone).  I found out randomly that if you enter a person’s birthday in their contact info it will show up on the calendar.  Handy, right? 

Evernote.  This is such a great app, and another one that syncs my laptop, iPad, and phone.  You can write notes, save pictures from your phone, and save documents in Evernote, and they’re available anywhere.  I’m using it a lot to keep track of stuff I want to post here, plus I just take pictures of business cards with my phone and save them instead of carrying a bunch around.  You can tag everything so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

Penultimate.  This app allows you to write in notebooks with your finger, then save the pages (you can even email them).  I use this for product idea sketches when I want to draw something out before I forget about it.

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Social Media and News
FeeddlerRSS.  This is like Google Reader for your iPad.  I have the free version and it’s been great – the only downfall I’ve come across is you can’t add subscriptions from your iPad with the free version.  It syncs with Google Reader so my unread posts stay up to date no matter where I read them.

HootSuite.  I use TweetDeck at home, but the TweetDeck iPad app isn’t so great.  I’m really loving HootSuite so far but I must admit we’re still in the honeymoon phase.  For some reason I just CANNOT get it to hook up with my Facebook account, though, so I might be trying something new since I don’t have a Facebook app.

USA Today.  I’ve always loved USA Today because I like my news light and fluffy.  This app is a good way to make sure I don’t miss any important big news while still allowing me my celebrity gossip.

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Home and Fun Stuff
Grocery IQ.  Seriously, this app has saved me SO MUCH TIME.  I am a detailed grocery list writer, sorting everything by aisle.  This app does it for me!  Plus, it has a favorites list so I can just go through and click all my normal stuff (like the gallons of coffee creamer I go through and the tons of peanut butter Bridget consumes) and add it straight to my list.

Pandora.  I’ve been using Pandora on my laptop for a while, then when I got my fancy phone with an unlimited data plan I started using it there.  The speaker on the iPad is surprisingly better than the one on my phone so I pretty much use this app whenever I want to pump up my jams.

ABC Player.  I can watch TV shows!  While I cut fabric!  And while I sew!  Although I have some crashing issues here and there, I love having such a portable way to watch TV.  I just downloaded the PBS app too so I’m hoping it’s as good.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you can even get a Netflix app (but I’m too cheap to pay the monthly fee for Netflix).

Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds.  Download them both, now.  Seriously.  Angry Birds has gotten a little too tough for me (I’m a quitter) so I’m hooked on Fruit Ninja.

Do you have any favorite apps for your phone or iPad?  Do you share your fancy electronic gadgets with your significant other or kids, or are you shamelessly selfish like me?

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  1. If you like USA today, there's a new company called Ongo that just launched this should check it out.


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