Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Product: the Director’s Cut

The original bobaloo got an American Girl doll for Christmas.  I’m not gonna lie, I was excited about this.  How fun is making doll clothes?  You get to use little bits of fabric, they go quick, and the doll never outgrows them.  It was inevitable that I would end up with a new product for the shop thanks to that doll.

glamour girl set flat

So Christmas day, I’m talking to my sister about doll clothes, and somehow one of us mentions little aprons.  Kate said I should make matching doll and girl aprons and my mind was off and running.

First, I was thinking I could make them out of Alexander Henry’s 2D Zoo, which is available in a regular size print and another that is the same print, only significantly smaller.  As much as I love that fabric I didn’t want that to be my only option.  I emailed my favorite fabric stores to see if any other manufacturers made the same print in two sizes.  No luck.

Now I know I could have just used the same fabric for both aprons, but I’m a stickler for the details.  Bridget got a matching doll and girl pajama set with her doll and I love the fact that the doll outfit is a miniature version of the girl outfit, right down to the pattern scale.

1 6 11 spoonflower fabric 1

A lightbulb went off – Spoonflower!  I could design my own fabric for the aprons!  Photoshop and I spent some quality time together and before I knew it, I had four different apron set designs printed and shipped right to my door.  I sewed them up and I just have to say, the first two sets turned out ADORABLE!

green leaves set on b glamour girl set close up on b

The pink Glamour Girl set and the Green and Yellow Leaves set are both available in my Etsy store now.  I have a super-cute pink set with an elephant detail and a very French set coming in the next week or so.

I bribe Bridget with suckers to model for my little girl products.  I thought you guys might enjoy a few outtakes from the apron set photo shoot - my personal favorite is the bottom left.

1 13 11 bobaloo! outtakes

It’s sad how many of my billions of ideas never see the light of day.  What triggers new ideas for you?  How many of your ideas actually get made?  Do share!


  1. Great post! Love B's pictures...that girl gets cuter every day!

  2. Love the new aprons! I too suffer from "new ideaitis." So many things swirling around in my head that I want to make, but so little time. I make myself wait a few weeks before launching into attempting any new products- if I'm still thinking about it and pondering it over in my head a few weeks later, it's probably good to go. I ALSO bounce everything off MY sister!

  3. too cute! love them. i was even looking at the pics when you posted them originally and was stumped at how you got the same print fabric to scale for the doll apron! glad i read this post. keep up the good work, sam!


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