Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Saturday night, while enjoying Miss America (had the TV all to myself, what can I say), I got some more important business stuff accomplished.  bobaloo! is now officially bobaloo! LLC!  Hooray!

1 18 11  bobaloo! llc screenshot

As I’m sure you all remember, my SCORE mentor advised me to set up my company as an LLC.  The main reason is because it limits my personal liability to a certain extent, which is important for someone who sells children’s products.  And it was so stinkin’ easy it had me wondering why I didn’t just do it from the start!

Here in Indiana (and I think in most other states) you can submit all the necessary info to set up your LLC on the state website.  I didn’t even really have to put in all that much information, basically just my name, address, business name, and phone number, plus a few other basics about the business.  I paid a little less than $85 and that was it!

bobaloo! EIN screenshot

I figured since I was on a roll, I might as well go ahead and apply for an EIN from the IRS, which can also be done online here.  There is also a great FAQ about EINs here and a really helpful page about starting a business here.  That was super-quick as well and I had the number as soon as I finished answering a few questions.  As I understand it, an EIN (or tax ID number) is kinda like the business’s social security number - I’ll use it to open a bank account and file taxes for the business.

Seriously, all of this took me maybe half an hour (about the length of the talent section of the show - what about that ventriloquist, eh?).  I wish I had known from the beginning that it was so simple to do.  I wouldn’t have had to bother with that DBA that sat on my to-do list for months.  First thing Tuesday morning I had the confirmation that my LLC was approved in my inbox.

So next up on my list of paperwork and licenses is getting my sales tax license, which I honestly should have filed for from the beginning.  I’m reporting my income from the business on my personal taxes for 2010, so I’m just going to have to pay the sales tax.  If I had set up the whole sales tax thing before I started selling I would have known exactly how much money to set aside.  This is another task I can take care of online, but the EIN takes two weeks to appear in the IRS database so I think I’m going to wait until the end of the month.

How are you guys setting up your business?  Are you a sole proprietorship, LLC, something else?  Haven’t decided yet?  Have no clue what’s what?  I tell you what, I may have a business-y degree, but it’s a challenge to keep up with everything!

All of the acronyms in this post make me think of that Boyz II Men song from back in the day.  You know the one, at the end they say “Boyz II Men, BBD, ABC, the East Coast Family?  I had to google it to find the name – it’s Motown Philly!  How could I forget that?


  1. I can totally relate - I have a BS in business and my head is still swimming with everything I need to do. I think for now I'm going to go the Sole Proprietorship route- but may end up changing it for exactly the same reasons you list here. Must feel good to get that out of the way!

    P.s. I totally watched Miss America as well. I was rooting for Miss Hawaii :-(

  2. congrats, congrats, congrats!!! thats awesome news, sam! we are in the middle of "trying" to figure out how to go about doing the same, but thanks to this post, i have a better idea. it is reassuring to hear how easy it was. maybe that will be my goal for the week. oh, before i forget, we contacted our local SCORE chapter and are going to have a meeting soon. thank you for you and your wonderful/informative/awesome/colorful/just all around great website!

  3. Also, that exact song came on today and I totally reminisced about how I got the BBD cassette tape for my 13th birthday. It was my first boy/girl party and then I realized that my son is about to have his 13th birthday. Then I started feeling old. This is how our thinking goes during our meetings, Sam, so while they may be brownie-laden and fun, our collective ADD makes it hard to stay on task and get things done. Thank goodness for you and your blog- you keep us on track more than you know;)


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